Conferences and Events

Make significant moments more powerful

Conferences and events need to do so much more than assemble, inform or even wow individuals. They need to deliver an enduring ROI.

Solterbeck can help you celebrate success, embed key messages and create memorable moments of connectivity between participants and your brand. We can deepen your partnerships and achieve collaboration on shared goals long after the applause has ended and the chairs are packed away. 

We ran our first conference in 1988. Since then Solterbeck has successfully engaged tens of thousands of participants and hosted corporate events in over 100 countries and 300 cities. 

We understand that every single contact with your audience provides an opportunity to deliver a 'moment of truth' about your brand. Every corporate event we create marries your core values with compelling and inspiring content.

Inspirational Conferences

 “When qualifiers have been telling me our conference rocks, they weren't only talking about the quality of our people or the program. They were describing something of significant meaning in their lives. In our conference, we have built a brand.” 
- HR Director, Telecommunications

There's nothing like a conference to help bring people together, literally. But the truth is, your last conference is the one that you'll be judged on so it's the only one that now matters.

Whether it's 50 delegates to the Daintree, 500 to South Africa or 1,500 to Adelaide, our event planning expertise guarantees that your conference will not only be meticulously planned and managed, but also pack a mighty motivational 'punch'. From guest speakers to gala dinners, production management to flights and transfers, Solterbeck will make sure that your corporate conference delivers a return on your investment. 

Unforgettable Corporate Events

Important announcements, changes in company direction, a new product launch or just saying 'thanks for a job well done' can all become significant moments in a company's history. Solterbeck has mastered the fine art of turning these moments into memorable and motivational events.

Solterbeck will deliver to your business objectives; whether that’s embedding key group messages, providing education or networking, or creating connectivity to your brand, message and participants.

All corporate event types

We creatively and comprehensively manage all elements, including flight bookings, of:

  • Sales conferences
  • Dealer, agent & franchisee conferences
  • Launches
  • Road shows
  • Study tours
  • Gala dinners & awards ceremonies
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Team-building activities
  • Celebrations

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If you’re looking to plan a corporate event, we’d love to help. Please contact Marie Jackson on +61 421 692 737 or email