Employee Recognition

Shape a rewarding culture. An engaged workforce produces better business results. That's a fact.

It also costs much less to retain existing employees than to find and hire a replacement; and that is just the financial side. The actual business cost is much higher with lost knowledge, skill and experience.

Solterbeck has a long history of success in helping companies effectively develop and nurture an ongoing, enterprise-wide culture of employee recognition through employee reward recognition.

Our proven portfolio of reward and recognition programs include:

Across each of these programs Solterbeck can provide your organisation with:

  • Strategy and design
  • Program Management
  • Communication materials
  • Reward fulfilment
  • Online software (Refer to our RecognitionCentre platform for more information)

Whether you're seeking strategies to elevate employee engagement, improve overall performance, or trying to reach a specific quantitative target, we can develop and implement strategies that will help you capitalise on the power of employee recognition and reward individual staff members and teams from all echelons of your business.