Incentive Travel

Get more from your employee incentive travel program

It goes without saying that employee incentive travel should be a memorable reward for a job well done. A brilliantly designed and implemented program, however, can deliver so much more.

Incentive travel programs are uniquely positioned to nurture mutual partnerships and create future motivation. That’s why we design program elements that build a strong and enduring bond between the recipient and the company, and keep the experience living long after the trip concludes. This encourages elevated personal performance, employee appreciation and drives better business results.

At Solterbeck, we understand the true role that incentive travel can and should play. We understand that companies want to reward top performers, motivate for high performance next year, retain talented staff and increase the loyalty of dealers. We understand top performing employees want recognition and reward of their effort and stronger relationships with the company and its managers.

That’s why Solterbeck's commitment is to not only provide you the satisfaction of knowing your delegates expectations have been exceeded in every way, but that your business goals and their goals have been achieved.

And when we are getting down to the business of managing your incentive travel program, our extensive experience has equipped us with a dynamic, worldwide network, and a robust and flexible infrastructure that enables us to manage every aspect of your program in-house. This ensures seamless management and communication and no double handling.

From the right destination and venue, to a powerful and innovative program theme; from tailor-made itineraries to creating inspiration for next year; Solterbeck cares as much about the big picture as we do for the small details.

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If you want the full return on your employee incentive travel investment, we'd love to help. Please contact Marie Jackson on +61 421 692 737 or email