Top 5 reasons why companies should incentivise employees via travel

People post photos of their travels, not their bonus cheques. Here’s our top 5 reasons why incentive travel works.


1) Better business results

Significant investment in personal reward will increase the loyalty of your staff to your brand and motivate them to excel. Only the top performers qualify and you can set your qualification to meet whichever brand value or sales figure you need. Positive encouragement + significant reward = higher achievement and better results for your business.


2) It generates healthy competition

Sales people are competitive by nature. Commissions, targets, KPIs and incentives are all triggers for them. Drive, ambition and collective celebration keeps them performing at their peak. Incentivising them through experiences as well as financial reward adds that extra layer to the competitive cake, encouraging them to go for one more slice, with the cherry on top.


3) It creates dedication and loyalty

A client once said to me, “If I can get a wife on an incentive trip, I’ve got that sales guy for another three years.” Whilst not all salespeople are married males, and not all trips are for husbands and wives, it was an insightful comment. He had absolute faith in the power of the program to retain his top performing staff by delivering a reward that was personal, achievable and shareable. That same client has the lowest staff turnover I’ve ever known, with most of his team long timers of over 10 years.


4) It’s an exciting and rewarding morale booster

Group trips are something to get genuinely excited about. Who doesn’t love a ‘free’ holiday where you don’t have to organise a thing? Consider generating extra buzz by hosting a cuisine day in your staff cafeteria, or small offshoot events themed to the destination. Trinkets, gifts and teasers generate even more momentum. I’ve still have a silly dangly tassle from an Asian trip I attended, hanging from my desk.


5) It produces brand ambassadors

Travel incentives deliver experiences that remain with employees long after the trip is over. We call it the “beyond the moment” moment. They’ll spruik how great it is to work for you, post and share their experiences online, and make everyone envious. Who wouldn’t want to work here? One trip will generate countless brand ambassadors for your company. How do you put a price tag on that?


Kristy Foulcher, Creative Director, Solterbeck Events