4 must-have tech gadgets and apps for your next event or travel incentive

In today’s digital world, staying ahead is a must for every travel or event planner. Here are our top 4 must-have tech gadgets and apps for your next event.


1. Wearables

Gone are the dreary days of exchanging business cards and passively participating in conferences and events. With Bluetooth technology, wearables like smart wristbands have elevated networking and even live performances to the next level. 

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Smart wristbands sync with delegates’ phones, enabling delegates to efficiently exchange contact details simply by bumping wrists. As well as getting rid of boring business cards, some wristbands have pre-programmable light technology, opening the doors for smart event planners to involve the delegates in a live performance by making them part of an interactive lightshow. 


2. Tracking devices

Ever lost something valuable while travelling? That’s OK – so have we. That’s why tracking devices are #2 on our list of top 4 gadgets and apps. Roughly the size of a 50c coin, these trackers can be attached to keys, wallets and day bags, and connect via Bluetooth to an app on delegates’ phones. 

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The devices automatically emit a noise when they leave the phone’s Bluetooth range, making sure that people don’t walk off without their valuables. They can also be used to alert delegates when items return back in range – handy when waiting for baggage at the luggage carousel.


3. Live polling

Live polling may not be new, but it remains one of the greatest tools in savvy meeting and conference holders’ arsenals for identifying pain points and crowdsourcing ideas. 

Source: Poll Everywhere

Platforms like Poll Everywhere additionally take the pain out of awkward and lengthy Q&A sessions by enabling delegates to enter questions into their phone, view other delegates’ questions, and ‘upvote’ questions that they consider important. Doing this gives moderators get an immediate view of the most pressing questions faced by the majority, enabling a more efficient use of crucial Q&A time.


4. Event management apps

Group communications apps like Whatsapp are almost stock standard in events nowadays, but branded events management apps like the ones offered at Solterbeck take them to the next level.

As well as showing off your brand’s commitment to tech (after all, what’s more tech-forward than your business having its own branded app?), event management apps combine group communications with vital information like group agendas, personalised agendas, hotel information, and value-adds like the best restaurants in the area. This ensures that the group has all the information they might ever need, cutting down on hours spent fielding questions from delegates. 


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